Astro – bought from Lyons as leaves – March 2013 – here’s the  Lyon’s blurb on it.


The leaves arrived on March 13, 2013 – which is when both leaves were planted into the same pot with a mixture of African Violet soil and perlite.


This photo (below) was taken July 10, 2013 when I divided the plants from this leaf. Looking now on July 26 I find three healthy plants surviving from this.


I am satisfied with the results from this, but this has been one of the weakest performers of this first batch of leaves. One leaf seems healthy, but hasn’t yielded any babies. The other yielded babies, I cut the leaf in half and stuck it back in the pot, and now a second crop is showing up as can be seen in the July 26 photo below. (Hmmm . . . or are those from the original second leaf – the one not cut in half.  I can’t imagine that in just 16 days I would get these results? Just checked – really hard to tell, but they seem to be from the cut leaf!)


This is one I am really eager to see bloom.